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Agosto 2017

    Article: CAD with C++Builder, episode #0

    Article: CAD with C++Builder, episode #0

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    C++Builder, An Ideal Tool For Building CAD Systems

    What happens when a professor leads a bunch of students to develop their own CAD system with C++Builder? You are about to find out. Click through this email to read the first installment from Seva Leonov (a professor at Moscow Polytech), and see why he thinks C++Builder is the best tool for the job.

    Why use C++Builder

    There are some reasons of using C++Builder in order to study programming. Not coding, but developing the real-life systems.

  • C++Builder is based on C++ standards, so coding skills are cross-industry universal (including STL);
  • C++Builder is the most comfortable visual IDE and set of tools for rapid application development (plethora of video tutorials);
  • C++Builder is multi-platform development tool, including mobile systems (students can show multi-platform skills);
  • C++Builder has FM, that makes 3D modeling and programming extremely easy (ideal for engineering programming);

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