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Septiembre 2017

    // New Videos about Xbase++ // Save 10% at your next renewal!

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    // Save 10% on your next subscription renewal!

    Send us six screenshots of your Xbase++ application, each with a short description, and provide us with a few sentences about your application. You will get a 10% discount on your next renewal. Isn't this a deal!

    Hurry up now as we reserve the right to close this offer as soon as we receive enough material. As a super bonus we will randomly select one submission which will receive a 12 month Professional level renewal for free - that's another 1.995 USD.

    Simply send your screenshots and your texts along with your CID to info@alaska-software.com.

    // New Videos

    // Summing-Up 807 

    Summing-Up Xbase++ build #807:  Another episode of the Summing-Up show on the all-about-code channel. Our Chief Architect Steffen F. Pirsig talks about the changes in the last feature update. Watch this episode to get an idea about the new EXTERN command, why DLLCall() is deprecated and how PBuild supports debug and release builds better than ever before.
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    // Porting DBU

    In this all-about-code episode Frank++ talks about porting the Clipper DBU application to Xbase++ in 12 minutes. If you are using Clipper or plan to get into Xbase++ from a Clipper background this video gives you a good starting point.
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    // Hotfix #51 for Xbase++ 1.90.335 available for download

    Alaska Software announces the release of an out of band Hotfix #51 for Xbase++ 1.90.355. This Hotfix covers issues related to the Windows Creators Update and Xbase++ 1.90.355 based GUI applications. Be reminded Xbase++ 1.90 is passive supported only, meaning we do not provide updates and hotfixes anymore. We strongly encourage you to update to 2.0 to avoid future issues with your applications if running on Windows 8/10 or later operating systems.

    Active Subscription customers can log into their account to download Hotfix #51. Simply go to the download center and set the filter to 1.9 to see the available hotfixes.

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