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Junio 2017

    Lifecycle announcement: introducing the W40, EOS W3





    Lifecycle Announcement

    Introducing the W40, End of Sales of the W3

    Introducing the Clavister W40
    The Clavister W40 delivers firewall performance of up to 20Gbps, four (4) Gbps VPN throughput, two and half (2.5) million concurrent connections and has nine (9) built-in Gigabit Ethernet ports and two (2) module slots. The module slots can be populated with the Clavister Expansion Modules that are available in different port-configurations.
    The Clavister W40 is naturally positioned between the current Clavister W30 and W50, offering significantly better performance for UTM and Next Generation Features such as Application Control, Antivirus and IPS than the smaller W30. Compared to the Clavister W50 it offers less performance and slightly less networking I/O flexibility, thereby making it ideal for customers who needs multi gigiabit UTM / Next Generation Firewalling capacity but does not have the budget or extreme capacity needs corresponding to what the W50 has to offer.
    The Clavister W40 gateway is available with two license models, standard and Pro, and is available for immediate shipping and can be purchased through Clavister Certified Distributors and Resellers.


    Declaring End of Sales of the Clavister W3
    Clavister W3 and all corresponding license models of the W3 is declared End of Sales (EOS) as of May 24th, 2017. Clavister Product Subscription (CPS) and Clavister Security Subscription (CSS) will be available for purchase up to and including the End of Life (EOL) date (2020-05-04).

    For details, please see separate Clavister Lifecycle Announcement document "Clavister W3 End-Of-Sales" available in your Clavister Distributor/Partner account area. 


    Key features include:
    Multiple interface module options, including 8xGbe (RJ45), 8xSFP 2xSFP+ and 4xSFP+
    Next-generation firewalling, WAN Load Balancing and Server Load Balancing capabilities offering organisations a versatile function suite
    A mature cOS with redundant PSUs that maximize network up-time

    Read more about the W40

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