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Junio 2017

    Clavister webinar: What you need to know about Petyawrap


    WEBINAR: Petyawrap ransomware threat


    As reported yesterday there is major ongoing cybersecurity event, the Petyawrap ransomware which has affected thousands of companies across the globe.

    We’d like to give you an update on Clavister’s state with regards to protection against this malware as well as a webinar with our top ransomware expert, VP of Sales and Product Marketing Manager Andreas Åsander.

    Protection Status

    Endpoint Security Client: OK

    Next Generation Firewall – Antivirus feature: OK

    Next Generation Firewall – IDP feature: OK





    Friday, June 30 

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    Reflections and Going forward

    We hope that you all share our passion for keeping you and your businesses protected against cyber threats. In many ways it's the reason why we wake up every morning and go to work; the cornerstone of our passion. When we now go forward it’s likely that this malware will evolve to create more havoc as cyber criminals have realized the financial potential of advanced cybercrime. We should all stay vigilant and prepared to go the extra mile to prove our worthiness to keep your business.

    Best Regards,

    The Clavister Team

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